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Upgraded FTP/SFTP Server Software
04/30/2014 at 11:01 PM - Stored in FTP
All servers received an upgrade to FTP/SFTP. This upgrade
should provide faster uploads and the following.

User Updates/Upgrades

MP4 streaming playback in WebInterface with ability to skip to any point in the file.
Users sharing files can automate the attaching of the file into the email.
Shares can have limitations put on the usage of the expiring link allowing a limited
number of uses.
Zip files can be opened, and navigated through all protocols, and individual files can
be downloaded from inside of them.

Server Updates:

More controls for us and numerous upgrades and bug fixes.

FTP/SFTP Upgraded
02/06/2013 at 7:49 PM - Stored in FTP

SFTP / WebDav Updated with many inhancements.

Server Upgrades:

Faster performance
Many security upgrades (not that it was lacking before - just more of them)
Added multithreaded listing for large folders.
Much faster update on changed file or folder permissions.
Added ability to have uploads auto start.

FTP Web Interface Upgrades:

Improved advanced upload mode for WebInterface.
Added media preview for slideshows
WebInterface supports HTML5 drag and drop for file uploads.

FTP Control Center now complete
07/22/2012 at 0:54 AM - Stored in FTP
We have finished the new interface and connectivity to the new FTP server software.
Updates are now immediate. You now have complete control over permissions,
sub-folder pathways, enable/disable accounts, and passwords.

We are also introducing our new Ajax-driven FTP web interface. This allows you
to upload and download files via our control panel.

We hope you like it!

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